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  • deshijediknight deshijediknight Jan 26, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    AAPL winning over Android Tablet with Mini IPad, surely AAPL will win over smart phone war with cheaper IPhone...

    Google, Samsung, and rest of them, be aware... be fearful... really fearful... AAPL is coming to get you...

    Good Luck Longs.

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    • SOMEBODY WAKE HIM UP!!!!! Please!

    • scropos21 Jan 26, 2013 6:15 PM Flag

      It's simple, really. It will be a LOT easier for Apple to go from the high end users to the lower end users than it will be for Android/Windows/Samsung to go from the lower end users to the higher end users. Apple has the high end users "locked in" to their ecosystem. In most cases, people have hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars locked into iTunes, Apps, iPods, etc. It would take an absolutely astounding technology for them to leave all of this behind and go start over with no apps, music, etc. Now you might think that a matching music service from Amazon is a threat, but that's not necessarily the case. People have an emotional attachment to money spent, and they tend to stay where their money is invested and familiarity lies. The lower end users? They have virtually nothing invested, and the temptation to hold something they were never able to afford (an iPhone at a lower price) will likely see many defectors. In short, Apple has a far easier road to hoe than Windows/Samsung/Android. You might wonder why I didn't mention RIM. They're simply not worth mentioning. They'll cease to exist in about 36 months.

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      • Your so wrong about RIM as you have been always wrong about Apple. Remeber there is a world outside of Apple. Why do you think RIM went up so much? The new BB 10 based an revolutionary QNX is simply superior to any other OS on the mobile market and Lenovo interest might lead that China Mobile will go for BB.
        This is only my speculation but the technicals are always ahead of the fundamentals. We will see in a couple of days.

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      • it doesnt matter if they could sell stuff to lower end users; it would dilute their brand as well as their earnings b/c of decreased margins from selling lower-end devices; the real worry is that Apple's margins are unsustainable right now because of increased competition from Samsung and smartphones becoming commoditized

        apple is still a good company, but until it has a way to massively increase sales amid declining margins, the stock price will remain depressed

      • I like your anlysis.

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