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  • chowskee chowskee Jan 27, 2013 12:24 AM Flag

    With the amount of cash AAPL has, they should insource production to US

    AAPL needs to support growth, why not grow it here organically by giving US factory workers good jobs. Flush with cash, US workers can buy more Iphones, Ipad etc and keep this loop going. Just thinking out side of the box. I think US people would be more inclined to buy AAPL than Samsung products. Growth will continue. Oh well, sadly, this will never happen.

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    • Several things are happening that almost ensure in the next decade this will be the case.

      1) Automation. AAPL manufacturers are already reducing the size of human labor for robots. This won't bring thousands of mindless jobs to the U.S. but it will bring skilled jobs.

      2) Labor in China. AAPL is slowly losing the cost benefit of doing business overseas due to labor costs. Can the infrastructure and political stability of China be replaced in another 'cheap labor' country? The slow death of Labor Unions in the U.S. also makes this plausible.

      3) Taxes. Most of AAPL products are sold right here in the U.S. and with the current political landscape it may be more tax savvy to make the product here.

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