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  • myronblender myronblender Jan 27, 2013 11:21 PM Flag

    Is there blood in the street?

    When all the Apple haters sneer in contempt and are convinced they've killed the golden goose, that's just about the time it lays another egg - a golden one. I believe we have been given no reason for the PPS to go up right now (except for fundamentals and we all know that the PPS is lower than the current price based on value). That is precisely why I believe the PPS could rise. Will it? Of course we don't know. But this is the time when we could see a tide change, precisely because no one is any longer expecting it.

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    • It is now very popular to hate this stock. Focus on the company and buy if you think they are a leader in their category and are aiming at new markets with the coming cheaper version to get customers into the Apple Ecosystem.

      Has anyone found an ecosystem that works harder to get all your tech to harmonize?

      I''m not a die hard Apple fan. However, I seem to end up with everything Apple and totally enjoy how easy the ecosystem continues to work well and interact well. I would buy other brands if they worked as well as my Apple Ecosytem makes Apple products work.

      Now, I'm starting to buy the stock and expect it to be performing well 6 months out. How far down can Wall Street walk the stock price down?

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