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  • red_ryder35 red_ryder35 Jan 28, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    Is Apple buying up stock...reportedly held a board meeting last night...

    burn the shorts

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    • AAPL does not care.
      Never have.
      Never will.

    • you argument tipical slope of hope.

      Lets face it.
      Currently no fundamental reasons, or any valuation numbers of any pundits on any TV channels
      can convince the 150M shareholders, (practically all americans), since ALL of them are underwater with AAPL,
      that AAPL is a good buy now. This is impossible.
      They ALL think different, they all want to get out, possibly at their buy price. The averaage buy price is cca. $570-600.

      It is impossible. There exist no other 150M AAPL sharebuyer.

      AAPL will follow the path of Microsoft way, just like in year 2000.
      MSFT collapseed from $60 to $21, lost fibo 63%, in 12 months. The growth story morphed to value story.

      AAPL will do the same, price MUST drop down to cca. 37% of thep top $700,
      all the way to $264, by sept.2013.
      This will be a good buying opportunity.

      Sorry to predict in 10 days we are going down another 10%.

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      • Hate to disagree with you and the idiot Philip Elmer Dewitt's Apple 2.0 column on FRortune today. Paul Leitao came out with an analysis of AAPL's latest earnings which literally debunked the conventional wisdom on the Street..... add the 4.5 billion for comparison purposes (1 less week than last year) and AAPL's deferred revenues (software updates for hardware - AAPL doesn't fully recognize hardware sales in the quarter they're made) and you have a vastly different picture. EDUCATE yourself and you'll stop spouting nonsense.

      • You forget that when MSFT was $60, the PE was in the 70's. The highest Apple's PE got at the $700 pop, was 16.

        Apple's PE is currently below MSFT PE by 5. Ridiculous is what I say.

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