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  • lesspheus lesspheus Jan 28, 2013 6:59 PM Flag

    "stale" iOS

    To those who complain about iOS being stale, go have a field day with Windows 8. It is completely fresh and will remain so, because almost nobody willingly uses it.

    Apple haters have no idea what can be done on iOS. They base their judgments upon what they incorrectly assume are the limits of iOS. I can print, edit documents, watch movies on cellular, work spreadsheets, manage files, trade stocks and options, go shopping, do my banking, take pretty pictures, read whatever kind of news interests me, navigate turn-by-turn with Apple or Google maps, research, easily share files, play music and radio with or without iTunes, remote to my office PC, watch presentation, and tons more. I do this all without fear of viruses or malware. Yes, no fear of viruses or malware, which has _never_ been the case in the PC world. I am not trapped or locked in. I don't know what I can't do in iOS that I could do on another mobile OS. Actually, I regularly find new apps for little or no cost that give me awesome new capabilities that I did not imagine that I would have previously.

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    • Windows 8 is a retarded version of iOS6. I have it and it balows big time. They tried to copy iOS 6 and failed miserably. Even the "Windows 7" side is retarded. Its made for a touchscreens so I don't know why they are putting it on reg laptops.

    • This power, functionality, ease of use, and peace of mind comes at a premium price which I am more than willing to pay for. My iPhone 5 provides me with easily several dollars worth of value each and every day. On many days it has provided me with far more value. There are so many cases when I've needed to research something, buy something, book a hotel, get tickets, trade a stock, get directions, or resolve a dispute while out and about. My iPhone and my iPad have saved me so many times. Just a few years ago I much of what I do regularly now was not even possible.

      I could do most of the same stuff with Android, but not with the same ease, safety, or style. I'm more than happy to pay Apple to get the very best experience. I'd gladly pay even more, as Apple products provide me many times more value than they cost me.

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      • Want to guess what java & Android & Homeland Security have in common? Google "java homeland security" you'll see. One day millions of people going to wake wondering how their bank accounts are accessed.

      • Amen.

      • Exactly - its the most productive mobile and home desktop that money can buy. I am not only an investor, but a complete convert. After using Windows for 24 years. I switched to macs 3 years ago and iOS, and have never regretted a second. I love this desktop. I bought my Dad a Windows 8 machine two weeks ago. Opened it up and showed him how to work it. He was completely lost. And I knew my life would be hell trying to teach him remotely. I went out 1 week later and got him an iMac. That 93 year old man is now Facetiming his grandkids, playing Pandora and checking his stocks from the Senior home. Not kidding. I have never had so much pleasure from PCs, ugh.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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