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  • nitram6481 nitram6481 Jan 28, 2013 11:46 PM Flag

    Question for bashers

    As an American why would you spend good hours of your days bashing an American company in favor of a Korean company that puts put inferior products? Apple employs 60k people in us and that number is set to dramatically grow. I know what but want to hear it

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    • I am one of those guys. After earnings, I chucked (literally) the IPhone and purchased Galaxy Note 2 which is an incredible phone btw and I am very pleased with. My reason is simple. Arrogance. Tim Cook and the Board are to arrogant to give any shareholder protections (BUYBACK). They are to good to bend to the will of the common shareholder.
      Now that I am completely out of AAPL as shareholder and consumer couldn't be in a better frame of mind. Also, took all of the proceeds from AAPL and will be exercising on a bunch of my GOOG calls come Feb expiration.

      Tim Cook and his Board is the worst that I have ever seen. BTW, your comment that Samsung products are inferior is not correct. I have been an Apple guy for years and I was pleasantly surprised how good a phone the Note 2 is especially considering the enterprise abilities it has in terms of the droid platform which works very well with my work as I switched my law firm to GOOG cloud and did away with exchange server.

      Feel bad for the AAPL longs who have lost life savings due to those a ho les. Can't be pleasant using your AAPL devices on a daily basis knowing that your portfolio got ripped apart by them.

      BTW - the dead cat bounce for AAPL today was awful.

    • Apple died when steve died of cancer.

      company will be laying off soon... stores closing....

    • Because this is not a communist country and they're all shorts trying to make quick bucks. The minute they made their money and the wind blows the other, they're ALL Apple lovers. No one is serious about anything here. Just killing time and the wishful thinking what anyone says here actually affects anythings.

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