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  • robert.white Jan 29, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

    Apple to create an iPhone 6 that works with China Mobile

    Low-Cost TD-LTE Smartphones and iPhone 6:
    China Mobile will announce a low cost TD-LTE smartphone in 2015 while the company is working on a global roaming plan for smartphones with TD-LTE and FDD-LTE support. The company expects TD-LTE coverage to reach 30%-35% on the Chinese mainland in 2013. Apple Inc. is rumored to be working on a new iPhone 6 that will work China Mobile. Despite a different 4G network standard, it will not be difficult for Apple to create an iPhone that works with China Mobile as Apple had made the iPhone for Verizon in the past and updated iPads and iPhone5 devices can work with a wider band-range of 4G for European service providers.
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    • Greater China and Japan are currently Apple's fastest growing and most profitable regions on a per revenue dollar basis. The eventual additions of China Mobile and Japan's Docomo as authorized iPhone carriers will spur growth in each of the two revenue regions.

    • The dividend is going to be doubled. Apple can afford that easily, and It would make Apple one of the most appealing dividend stocks in the market.
      If they do that and also split the stock 4 or 5-1, then it will probably go into the Dow Jones Industrial Average too.

    • Apple (AAPL) is the latest company to say that it's suffered a cyber-attack, with hackers breaching its systems after staff Mac computers were infected with malware when they visited a Web site for software developers called iPhonedevsdk. It's the same site that hackers used to get into Twitter's and Facebook's systems by exploiting a well-known security hole in Oracle's Java software.

    • Mr.Soros portfolio:
      The AAPL stake was more than doubled this quarter to a significant 1.17% stake.
      APPL is a good trading stock for Soros and the position size has fluctuated for several quarters.

    • Yes the China deal should be quite exciting when we get the details! It could have a bigger effect on the stock than anyone realizes. I looked into it and if it ends up being all that is expected it could be bigger than USA sales.

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    • HMRC to buy iPads, MacBooks to encourage mobile working

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      • Not until China Mobile's LTE network is completed will we see an AAPL product sold through China Mobile.
        When it's ready, only China Mobile knows.
        Using some of their cash hoard may have been a lucrative joint venture.
        AAPL's greed seemingly precluded that.
        Penny wise and pound foolish.
        Cook does not inspire me to hold AAPL stock overnight.

    • Will Apple TV Overtake Microsoft’s Xbox?

    • Is Apple's Momentum Is With The Bulls?

    • Einhorn's Apple proposal is pretty much the stub stock idea made famous by Joel Greenblatt, writes The Brooklyn Investor, showing how issuing $50B in preferred would theoretically add $32/share in value.
      In cases where an underleveraged firm won't lever up, Greenblatt reminded an investor can and should create their own leverage using LEAPs.
      This spreadsheet (from May) on Greenlight's site details Einhorn's preferred idea for not just Apple, but DELL, GM, MRVL, and MSFT.

    • While Einhorn wants to get more money for the Apple shareholders, it looks more as if the hedge fund magnate is trying to compensate for lackluster fund return of Greenlight Capital. Is he looking for compensation for the fall in share price and, thus, lower fund return? Activist investing might be good for the fund managers but for the investors who truly believe in the company, Einhorn's advice should be taken with a pinch of salt. Value investing is all that matters and if total return exceeds your expectations, why would ever seek higher cash dividends? In times of overvaluation, you can just trade Apple's stock for some cheaply valued lesser known internet company.

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