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  • rc3eagles rc3eagles Jan 29, 2013 9:34 PM Flag

    Evidense piling up of CNBC collusion to destroy AAPL stock price.

    taken alone, the CNBC none stop bashing of AAPL shares weeks prior to the earnings report, during the earnings report and therafter have a very strong indication of a ONE SIDED reporting, what CNBC did went far beyond reporting the news. Melissa Lee took every second she had to bash the stock. Cramer did it, they all did it.
    NFLX is a stark contrast to the type of treatment the CNBC cast gaev to AAPL.
    AMZN is another stock that seemed to VIOLATE every component that CNBC used to crush every AAPL rally.
    It doesnt take a genious to see the pin at $500 was CNBCs central mission. No matter how many failed rallies, CNBC bashed each rally back down, and eventually they aided to pin AAPL at $500 on options experation day.

    Now we have AMZN and NFLX.....why is Melissa Lee not one bit concerend with AMZNs margins? profits? i could go on forever, every single item she bashed AAPL for, she seems to be proudly pumping AMZN for, its okay for NFLX and AMZN to report as they have, extremely terrible by any ones standards, yet it all seems to be okay to CNBC Cramer and Melissa.

    All of this paints a very clear picture fdor the SEC to file charges of stock manipulation. as A news channel that CNBC claims to be, they cant use one set of rules to destroy a stock, and a second set to pump a stock. They cant claim that XYZ is bad for AAPL shares, yet good for AMZN and NFLX shares.

    NFLX and AMZN didnt need to be pinned at an exact price like AAPl did.

    I sure hope the SEC can see this for what it is, it doesnt get any clearer now that NFLX and AMZN have reported.

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    • I have been saying this for months and mostly get told not to watch. Not watching is like hiding your head in the sand. They affect stock prices and Markets. There is no doubt about it. Their constant bashing cost me all of my remaining shares this Monday. If I had the resources I would sue Comcast, Melissa Lee and Jim Cramer.

    • I have no Tv so don't watch any #$%$ shows. However really seriously how many apple stockholders watch CNBC? any figures?
      17% of apples stock is retail so if 50% watched and then say 10% sold would that drop the stock? that would be 5% of 17% or about .85% of share holders. seems like a long shot, far more likely 3 or more hedge fund managers had lunch together and set a plan in action to save there own buts.

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    • Those stations and papers & people get paid by short sellers to spread bad news!!!!

    • You people are nuts. John Forte, fast money traders including Finerman, parade of guests like Demark, Carter Worth, Killburg, and of course, Mr. apple bull Gene Munster are all frequent commentators extremely supportive of apple company and stock. CNBC is way more positive than apple spin than you give them credit for. Selective hearing perhaps?

    • Cramer and Lee responding to The announcement of the IPAD upgrade this morning with laughs and mocking was the most disgraceful thing I have seen from a "news Org" in my 30 years in the market!. Cramer should start wearing face paint and ears because he is a clown and Lee is unwatchable!

    • LOL You are right. My brother recorded all of their shows and edited it down with the stock price chart underneath. You can see day by day and minute by minute the stocks reaction to their comments. When you see it mated together its actually sickening. Its like you are waiting for Merrissa Ree to stand up, look down at the chart ans see if she moved it down. Its a nice little movie and copys are getting sent to numerous different people. Hopefully some eyes will get opened.

    • but amazon gross margins are amplifying while apples are doomed. i think this is something you may have missed eagle.

    • theytookallthegoodloginnames theytookallthegoodloginnames Jan 29, 2013 10:16 PM Flag

      well, complaining on this board's not gonna help. Write to SEC.

    • Many large investors both private and institutional needed to take profits before 2013 in case captial gains taxes became enormous, also. Some of these people were probably upset that they didn't sell at the top in September. Now they want to see the stock price as low as possible before reinvesting, methinks. It is all pretty crazy that Apple is now trading at 10 times earnings, because 'it is no longer innovative enough', when many much less healthy and rich competitors are trading at 15+ times earnings. It all doesn't make sense, so I think the stock price will recover gradually over this year and it will skyrocket if and when they come out with some new innovative product that gets investors excited again. Lots of money is made when stock prices are not stable and since Apple isn't as far as some real price mover on the upward cycle, it was necessary to knock it down so that the stock can be used for trading, methinks. The arguments that apple is going to go on a downward spiral is almost laughable. There is nothing to back that up. I wish that I had waited for the absolute bottom to purchase, but I bought in at an average price of $466 and I have no doubt that it is probably the safest stock purchase that I have ever made in my life.

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    • I have been saying the same thing for few days now. I usually dont waste my time watching CNBC but due to flu I was bed ridden for few days and regretfully spent more time watching this garbage circus and realized that aapl bashing which started before the earning release intensified to the point that it didnt make any sense.

      It seemed like idiot Melissa Lee was hired to bash AAPL at any chance and spoke over who ever had something positive to say. They had every analyst on the short side to repeat the same BS bashing aapl. CNBC completely ignored to mention what Cook said in the conference call regarding the component constraint and the shorter q.

      All they did was praising RIMM, NFLX, AMZN and FB. Companies with crazy PE's and extremely overvalued.

      There is no doubt that there might be Goldman connection to keep the stock price low.

      WE need to complain to SEC and boycott CNBC for taking advantage of their position and causing a panic selling.

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