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  • marcopubio marcopubio Jan 30, 2013 12:20 AM Flag

    Seniors are the greatest threat to America today

    Terrorists can only kill a couple of dozen people a month, about that a year here in the USA. Seniors, however, are killing millions of young peoples' future and living standard because of their insatiable GREED!

    There are three families living up the street, none with children, who don't work, but always complain when some younger person loses their job. They're the real bums. They go to Denny's and get a senior discount. They get 10% off their movie tickets and pay for them with $100 bills. Oh, stand behind one of them in line at McDonalds: I'll have a senior coffee with 15 creamers, AND MAKE IT SNAPPY! Hey, maybe we should have separate parking stalls for them like disabled.

    Here's a joke. Ever see a senior Vietnam Vet? Half of them are getting $3,000 per month for Agent Orange who never even saw duty outside of the USA.

    I think we should pass a bill that once you turn Medicare age, all your money goes to the Treasury and you get assigned to a Senior Camp. The old people's money can be used for stimulus programs for people under 26. They fought 4 major unpaid wars and now they want us to pay for them. Get em Paul Ryan.

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    • hold on a second. I am 63 years old have have paid more income, medicare, soc sec, property, excise taxes than you will likely ever make (certainly save).
      the politicians took all that money, money promised for soc sec and medicare, AND SPENT IT for their
      own purposes and to get themselves reelected.
      may I just mention that the youth elected obama who will make your earnings worth pennies on the
      dollar through deficit spending at a rate never dreamed of before.

      so, get #$%$, but direct it at the right target. the 'greatest generation used our money for their
      unfunded benefits. the baby boomers are the first line of bag holders and after that, sadly,
      you are totally screwed with no way out.

      But, if you voted for obama, you are getting exactly what you deserve,

    • Great post. I am sure you will never grow old. And in case you are about to grow old, you will kill yourself first in order not to burden the society. What a man?

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