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  • frank_capra_04 frank_capra_04 Jan 30, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    People will buy BB10 because it isn't Apple

    BB10 will take a huge chunk of iPhone market share. We will see sub $400 soon.

    Watch and Learn

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    • Yes there is a lot of that going on... I ask my friends why do you have this phone and not apple
      they really have no reason, they say it's cheaper but they paid the same amount with the sub. I don't get it, I ask them to tell me the features they like better, there are none...

      I really think these people just want their mommy to love them more.
      It's non sensible... same with people hating FB and loving goog + I don't get that either, it's just a web site, use it or don't no need to hate it.

    • Not sure why the RIM's BB10 will be a success. It is it's own eco system, coming to the smartphone late, No Apps, Proprietary (Closed) Architecture. This is a lot to overcome for a version 1.0 phone. In Technology V1.0 is usually a throwaway. RIM does not have this luxury. How did there tablet do? Is it still available?

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