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  • bmonte76 bmonte76 Jan 31, 2013 11:45 PM Flag

    Just Got Back From 6 months in the Future. guys....

    Cramer and the rest of CNBC's talking heads turned Bullish on APPL and admits he was short sighted. The China Mobile deal is huge and they are selling 2 new phones like crazy.Seems like IPhone 5s is a hit but that lower cost phone is really eating's Samsung's lunch over there. IPhone Max will be rolling out Q4 to satisfy the huge screen crowd..Also, Looks like all the supply chain issues have been fixed. Oh yeah, this TV is awesome...... Starting to wonder if taking a little off at 775 was too soon. LOLLLLLL!

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    • bmonte76 Feb 1, 2013 12:01 AM Flag

      See, this is the problem with you high school faggoots. Not one of you JEUWlosers has 45,000 to buy 100 shares and wait for 6 months. And the fact that you're on here whenever you're not in school shows that you never will. You go to school, blog, have no family life, no friends and no outside activities. And 99% are still holding from over 600 little boy. Why do you waste you're time here? You'll never own the stock and you'll never make any contacts little boy. You are and will always be a meandering failure.

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