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  • donkey_carts_can_be_fun donkey_carts_can_be_fun Feb 1, 2013 4:38 AM Flag

    Apple knocks off Samsung for # 1 Moblie seller in US...first time since 2008....

    So much for Apple being dead....

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • scarpin80 Feb 1, 2013 9:37 AM Flag

      It says that Apple is up 1% in the US while Samsung is down 13%. Which means that the cheap #$%$ from Asia is cannibalizing the other cheap #$%$ from Asia in the cheap #$%$ market. Meanwhile Apple is maintaining the upper middle class business who want good products and are willing to pay a premium. Along w/those good products are great service. When your Hatuchi breaks try getting it replaced. Try walking into a Yamaguchi store and finding the friendly intelligent enthusiastic kids who will solve your problems and treat you w/respect.

      Ever been to a Cricket store LOL? Bring a gun.

      Then just to shut up the naysayers Apple will make a bigger screen phone this year and a lower priced model for those w/a little better taste and a modest budget. Lets see the numbers when thats finished.

    • Jan Q will be even better with T-Mobile customers snatching up Apple's iPhones. Apple share should go up another 3%.

    • seojimjames Feb 1, 2013 5:56 AM Flag

      so apple customers love paying high margins to apple for ecosystem & quality, so they pay much more, then aapl takes more money from the same aapl loyalists when the stock crashes ....and aapl says "we believe"

    • RIght, the baloney emanating from CNBC for sometime, claiming Apple was no longer a growth company, somehow didn't 'square with' the numbers Apple put up last quarter which was 27% overall sales growth, and its highest profits ever, despite costs of rolling out an entire new product line. The article you cite is on BLOOMBERG NEWS, and Apple's actually doing even better in the U.S. because Apple only sells Smartphones, vs. Samsung sells alot of lower cost 'feature phones' as well in its mobile phone unit totals. From a $ Sales perspective, Apple therefore way outperformed Samsung ... PLUS IT SHOWS THE IPHONE5 is OUTSELLING SAMSUNG's top smartphone models.

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