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  • joemattamjr joemattamjr Feb 1, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

    Any serious advice here?

    I understand that people are saying growth is slowing. I get that. I also am able to udnerstand that P/E means nopthing. Got it. Also I understand that people need to see something in teh pipeline or a "wow" factor to get people excited again. But what doesnt make sense is how other stocks like Netflix, Amazon, and Google can soar based on their earning and expectations. In teh meantime Apple lags terribly. What can I do now? Apple has fallen ridiculously and teh market is super up- at some point the market will correct and im wondering if Apple is going to fall even further. Also I am open to btoh sides of teh argument whther you believe or you are a short. I just want some serious advice on what to do. Im not too old but ive been investibng for 10 years and time Apple has gotten me to sell everythign at 517 and after that i still bought in like an idiot and am down a ton - i have picked up half of my orig position at 550 and 502 - should i cut my losses or is there any real reason to think this stock can come back? Every time something liek this happened I got used to it and rode it out- this time its been almost 5 months and it took more than half of my net worth away. Any serious advice?

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    • I appreciate the advice you all gave me- deeply appreciated. Apple has literally made this the hardest time in my life. So stressed about this. Just doesnt make sense compared to otehr companies how teh stock can tank while otehrs go up.

    • nuviphone1 Feb 2, 2013 2:42 AM Flag

      I'm also surprised how much Apple's stock has fallen while the others have went up with worse numbers. Apple has a negative sentiment among investors right now and needs some positive news to turn the tide. I expected slightly better numbers for the quarter, but the stock fell more than it should have with the results produced.

      It's obvious that Apple can't continue to grow the way they have over the last several years, but it is still a growth stock. The company is as strong as ever with plenty in the pipeline. I expect you will do fine if you have 6-12 months to stay in the stock.

    • Wow. Stop gambling on stocks ;-)
      Seriously, there are very few sure picks, even then you've got to babysit them every day (almost) or set a stop loss trigger or something to avoid being caught in a sell-off.
      You should not gamble money on stocks that you cannot afford to lose.
      I personally think AAPL will rebound just fine this year, but the question is when and how much. I expect to see it up to at least $550/share by the end of 2013 (and will hold trying to get $600/share, if that seems to be possible at the time).
      This year looks to be bullish for stocks, but you never know ...

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • IBM, MCK, P&G and countless others have survived pull backs or sell-offs along these lines. Timing the bottom is almost impossible, but can be done. AAPL will trade back over $500 as soon as the current period of consolidation is over. Weather it takes a week or a month just sit back and relax! AAPL has over $137 BILLION in cash. You should get a money manager! Not sure if he'll do any better. AAPL will be fine. The stock is over-sold right now. Which is not uncommon in today's market.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Steve would have taken the "b" out of his last name and replaced it with an "o" and the stock would gap up 200 points instantly.

    • I saw hold there is more catalyst for it to get back to 600 then catalyst to get to 300.

      Catalyst to get to 600
      -China Mobile
      -Apple TV
      -Share Buyback with that huge amount of cash
      -Increase dividend with that huge amount of cash
      -Chart says the bottom is 425, what is another 28 of downside risk when the upside is +175

      Downside catalyst are:
      -market moves down and takes apple with it. However Apple has been doing better on days the market does not rally. Today was a bad day and the market rally however the best day this week was when the market was in the red. Why? I think it is because people want a safety stock and they know Apple is cheap and pays a good dividend 2.5% at the 450 level.

    • Like you, I'm long AAPL at well over $600. I didn't believe the sell off, but now it's obvious that growth money took it up tp $700 and growth money took it down. The little people got caught and were sliced and diced. It's now a long term proposition to hold this puppy, but we're missing out on the incredible run right now. We are in the "dead money" zone, and will be for some time. When the market corrects, we might be better off since the holders perhaps are becoming more and more value investors. In any event, depending on your cost basis, you should make the decision to hold as a long term play, or get out and place your bets elsewhere...short term is nowhere.....

      Sentiment: Hold

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    • fundamentally broken, over owned by funds, market cap too big to move, too many people are under water now, they will sell on any rally, funds will sell on any rally to recoup losses - and Cook's lack of innovation and poor cash handling - signals unfriendly mgmt to shareholder - and more importantly, BETTER bets elsewhere in this whole market.

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      • IDBTC GIVES GOOD ADVICE!!......Ive been saying for 5 the market is proving me correct. People that cant see this are going to lose...of course, if cook comes out with another game changer, all bets are off. But Wall Street isnt a Cook fan and most of us dont believe they much to show other than bigger, smaller, more gigs, different colors....who cares?....Not the market!

    • Oh yeah, they all knew about possible slow down in iPhone sales due to cutting orders for their screens so you think that dropping from 700 to 520 would be "priced in" but obviously, it wasn't. So don't listen to anyone who says it is priced in. It's not. It wasn't last time. Dividends next week is the only thing holding this up right now.

    • joemattamjr I am in the same boat. Where do you think AAPL will be trading in one year, if you had to guess? I feel your pain and know it well.

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