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  • readyforwhat100 readyforwhat100 Feb 1, 2013 6:23 PM Flag

    Anyone else thinking about getting out of the market (not necessarily AAPL) since the DOW is at 14,000 and everything is becoming expensive


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    • Everything expensive? Not any stock that I own. Things like the Utilities Sector are expensive with PE 14, but in general the market isn't overpriced. 2 out of 3 companies that have reported earnings and revenue have beat. Interest rates will remain low. If GDP does what's predicted, the market should be higher at year end. Have I cut back on stocks? Yes, but not because of the new highs. I cut back because I owned too much stock and needed to rebalance. I will continue to sell through this quarter a little at a time so that I have cash for any possible summer selloff and cheaper prices.

    • Last week in Jan is generally bullish for the market. A strong Jan is a good sign btw. A bad Jan is a sell sign.

      The only thing I'm adjusting my position is probably the pharma end of my portfolio. I may add to media, too.

    • I got out on the long side with the exception of Apple months ago. I got out of Apple last week on the dead at bounce. The only positions I hold are large short positions on NFLX and AMZN. It's becoming really hard to find value, and everyone seems to be bullish. After I close short positions on the two MOMO's I'm shorting in a few weeks I will enjoy the sidelines. Unfortunately, the Apple long trade won't be good moving forward, and I certainly wouldn't short it.

    • I put a trailing stop on the 5 longs I have that I am way up on. If they go down 1% they will be sold but the stop will move up with them. Yes, the market is way too high to jump in now.

    • Nope, but then the two stocks I'm in are way oversold:
      ABX, AAPL
      Also, I expect the market to continue its bullish run at least through April. This should be an overall strong year for stocks.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I have basically been out for the last year when I should have been in??? Can you believe that?? All the other years I bought #$%$ at $400, $300, $200, and then it went to $100 on me. Once I got all my money back, I was afraid to risk it again. It took me over 20 years to get it back. Now of course, the only thing I am holding is Apple and I am underwater on every share. What a piece of #$%$ this turned out to be. The idiot Cook needs to split this stock 10 for 1. What is the jerk waiting for, $200?????

    • I'm about ready. Especially since I saw three experts on CNBC saying its an ideal time for retail investors to get in because its going significantly higher. That was my que to short or get out.

    • That's why Im in APPLE.Little downside but much more upside possible and don't forget about a little dividend action which will grow.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • i sold a bunch today......starting to take rid of some financials that had run up!! i hear timming and taking gains til it corrects!!

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      • can anyone explain how the indexes can be at multi year highs, but not many stocks are even seeing 52 week highs?? just a few examples, AAPL, VMW, APA, CAT, JOY, BIDU, CLF, and these are just that I follow, there are a zillion stocks that are not any where near highs, but yet the market can't be stopped from it's upward momentum. manipulation is running wild, unless you are trading S&P futures/options, can you really say that the markets should be up this high? come on, without the Fed in there buying we would not be anywhere near this level.

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