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  • sameas55 sameas55 Feb 2, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    Stop picking on AAPL

    and the stupid "lack of innovation" . "not a growth stock" blah blah blah.
    While you losers are sitting like a #$%$ watching BS on CNBC, AAPL is making BILLIONS in a week.

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    • Odd isn't it? That Amazon despite selling its Kindle Fire at GIVE-AWAY PRICES (at cost), could barely grow revenues 22% vs. prior year. But Apple selling superior goods at 50% to 100% higher prices, made 38% profit margin and grew sales 27% year-over-year (after adjust for last year Apple's Accounting had a 14 week quarter, and this year a 13 week quarter). AMAZON has nothing "proprietary" and about NO no innovation, its only a marketer and sales channel with a website, that other stores (perhaps Macys, Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot) can get together and offer a Consortium to set up a competing on-line retailer. To achieve 22% sales growth, Amazon had to cut its prices so much, that its profits (which were not much to begin with) plunged 45%. Apple on other hand beat aggressive profits forecasts and earned its biggest profit ever. Plus Apple has more Innvoation coming -- vs. Amazon has never had any innovation (unless you call neg. cash-flow most of its years to try and buy sales innovation).

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      • I know it seems like suddenly basic rules of investing have reversed. Losing money is called sign of "growth" and rewarding companies (Samsung, RIMM) coping AAPL is called innovation.
        To me an upgrade to an existing product considers innovation due to it's complex nature.
        I bet Edison was not an innovator to these #$%$ critics.

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    • Still the number one holding:
      Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). No surprise here: once again, Apple was the most popular stock among hedge funds. 146 investors reported a position, down only slightly from 147 last quarter. Highbridge Capital Management, managed by billionaire Glenn Dubin, had owned a fairly small position in Apple at the beginning of July but had increased it to about 120,000 shares by the end of September (see Glenn Dubin's stock picks). Billionaire Dan Loeb’s Third Point also bought shares during the quarter (find more stocks that Third Point bought).

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