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  • readyforwhat100 readyforwhat100 Feb 2, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    Anyone else worried a new iPhone is not going to help AAPL stock since the iPhone 5 came out and the stock dropped?

    I'm worried. Anyone have thoughts on this? Makes me concerned.

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    • AT&T sold more iPhone 4's that's 5's last quarter. Aapl is toast if they keep 'innovating' this way

    • I think you need to get some help. Just keep posting same silly 'I am worried' posts in different variation. If you worry that much and sell. What a needy idiot.

    • I'm worried; I'm concerned that either you are an idiot or a short.

    • It definitely will not help the stock price. This stock is switching from a value stock from growth. They trade at lower PE's much less volatility. For it to become a growth you will need the following: 1.3 straight quarters of smashing guidance..oh wait non was given so beat wall st estimates is MUST! You will need to see double digit growth each of those quarters. 2. A NEW INNOVATITIVE ITEM(S)! Apple has put out a product every two or so years from the iPod to the reinvention the apple combuters to the iPod Touch to the iPhone to the iPAD to Apple tv box. It desperately needs to release something. TV, Camera, a new PC out of this world I mean something! Upgrades to the same #$%$ will not work for a growth stock unless..3. THEY GET CHINA MOBILE!

      Now, lets discuss the problem with it being a value stock. ITS NOT AN ATTRACTIVE VALUE STOCK AT THESE PRICES or at leas that is the sentiment. The following things need to happen: 1. Need to see positive sentimennt 2. THEY NEED(BOARD) TO SHOW THE SHAREHOLDERS THEY CARE ABOUT THEM AND ISSUE A BUY BACK OR DIVY OR SPLIT THAT WILL MAKE THESE SAFE FUNDS TO BUY HEAVILY INTO the stock.

      Of course there is so much more than this but I truly believe these are just a few basics that can give you an idea. Most transistions from growth to value take a while. If you want growth look at stocks like DDD or Goog or if you want shorts then go to NFLX. AAPL will probably drop to low 400's and rise to 500.

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