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  • glittergates Feb 3, 2013 1:58 AM Flag

    I would like too sue cnbc for 1 billion dollars.

    They gain private trade info from the cloud ( etrade -ameritrade etc ) and then report the trades on tv. I have bet $5000 to $10000 on options contracts most of the time creating huge swings in stocks...I pay between .05 .-10--1.00 sometimes im the holder of 300,000 or more shares of apple .... Instead of covering the trades and losing they turn to cnbc and blotch the trades.... (destroy the options) I get robbed when the world is watching . So now i do this when the world isnt watching..... You will never under stand ..............but moving on ------- The shows are recorded and so are my trades. dates and times......... They are using the network to control everything. Too some it up im a whale that trades everyday . Days that i win catch them real good the trades get talked about on tv... Then at night jim cramer will either bash the stock or simply not talk about or cover the stock everyone is wating to hear about,... ... Last thing a persom im close too tell me he fools the tv . Is that why wins every 1 and a half... Im so shocked that the world feels like me about the show the network and mr. cramer

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