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  • pmaly1 pmaly1 Feb 3, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Is the margin selling done yet???

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the margin calls that could not be covered after the big earnings drop and if and how it may have effected last weeks price action?

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    • At the brokerage's descretion, they can extend 5 days to cover a call (with day 1 being the FOLLOWING day after the account goes into a deficient equity balance). Therefore, the MOST amount of time the parties would have had to cover their call would have been through last Thursday.

      There was an obvious move on Apple Friday morning, however. It tanked hard from the open until exactly 2 hours into the day. This made me think that their could have been many senarios where parties had NOT addressed their margin calls even THROUGH the 5th day (Thursday), and therefore brokerages just dumped their shares at the open Friday.

      At least that's what it certainly looked like to me.

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      • ajm, makes sense, that was what I was thinking but the so called "efficiency" of mr market has gotten so out of wack it is hard to determine with any certainty as to what is moving the pps most of the time. Logic, rational investment analysis and reasonable judgment seems to much less validity then one might expect. Thanx for your input.

    • funniebucket posted that the margin call issue is over.

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