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  • divaiinv divaiinv Feb 4, 2013 12:55 AM Flag

    Never seen a company go from love

    to the most hated in so fast of a time..... I read alot of the post on this board..... But havent really found anyone to give a honest and smart answer..... its only been 4 months now that it was at 700 and still at 12.5 times earnings.... I havent really seen anthing chance... but the stock and the company is down 38%.... I don't have an answer... does anyone out there have one... And please give something that is realitic

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    • Investors will surely be grabbing shares down here and forming a base. It could take months but the down trajectory we have seen will be rounding out. Im not a holder. But it was obviously overheated. "They" want you to fret about the future in AAPL. Thats how the weak holders capitulate on those sudden 3% drops that really are just gyrations in a flat/ rounding trend. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with AAPL that I see. When its scraping 600 again, all the hype and pompoms will be flying again. It may take a couple years but it will eventually reach a fair valuation, and Ill wish I had bought at 450. The media tools all know how this works. Dont be fooled. IMO

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      • Thanks for your reply.... It doesnt make sense to me...... I don't understand the valuation of Amzn... Now they are giving amazon a 10 - 20 year horizon.... where Apple have given in 5 years products that you didn't even know you wanted........ So I'm confused and the only thing right now I'm banking on is that huge cash balance on apple's balace sheet... no other company has 35% of its stock price in cash...... NEVER...... All things the same..... same mutl of the S&P same Multi of a company it should be trading at 750 - 800.... In 5 years it will have it's price in cash... even if it reduces its profit by 20%..... That doesn't happen on wall street someone will buy you out... The problem with appl it that there is too many zeros... if it was a 10 billion dollar mkt cap.... someone will have bought it out a long time ago...

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