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  • kored35 kored35 Feb 4, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    Fed Money Printing bad news for APPLE stockholders here is why.....

    The Fed is inj ecting over 80 Billion dollars per month into the economy. The main recip ients are the banks and 1%
    Now they have 3 tri llion on their balance sheet. What does this have to do with APPLE ?
    Have you see the pri ces of food at the grocery store in the last 6 months ?
    For exa mple I bought 18 Oz Entenmanns Marshmallow frosting Choc olate cake last year for 3.99
    Today at same store 6.29..
    What does this have to do with APPLE ? It's called DISPOSA BLE income and when non di scretion ary items prices skyro cket the money left for DISCRETIONARY items falls...
    Do you feel (outside of stock m arket gains from F ED which could disappear overnight) that you have more money to buy more hard ware and apps from APPLE this year than last ?
    It is about 445 today
    I will reference this post when AAPL hits 399 to prove to you I know what I am talkin g about.
    The fed is robbing the comm on man and even though they lie about inflation you don't h ave the extra money to buy stuff when they do this so eventu ally non food retail sales will go negative...

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