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  • aiwal1 aiwal1 Feb 4, 2013 7:56 PM Flag


    Rimm (trying to hide its past by changing co. stock symbol to BBRY) and NOK, both not only had big profit declines for years, but even LOSSES and sales declines as Apple's new iPHONE rendered their phones obsolete. 2 Key Points of Dis-Comparison: 1. Apple has continued to grow sales at a fast rate, and just had its highest profit quarter ever, continues to expand its cash-flow and stockholder's equity, and continues to expand sales throughout the world. Apple has never yet had even 1 single money losing or even low profit margin quarter (whereas NOK and RIMM both lost tons of money, and burning up tons cash and stockholders equity).
    2. a. NOKIA's new Windows Lumia phone never got to over 2% of the N. American market, wasn't as good as the iPHONE, had few Apps. for it and iit bombed in the market. b. Blackberry's new phone may look good on paper, but it won't start selling till March in USA, and who knows how good it will really do? Even worse, just as Blackberry has finally sort of caught up and is delayed in delivering its new phone -- Apple's already had a whole year by June to work on the IPHONE6 or IPHONE5S. So within months of a new Blackberry, Apple will be shipping a more advanced phone and Blackberry will again be BEHIND / LEFT IN THE DUST. And whatever few good new features BB may have come up with, Apple can incorporate into its own new IPHONE5S shipping 3 months after BB finally ships a new model in March.

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