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  • housedoctor66 housedoctor66 Feb 6, 2013 11:25 PM Flag

    DOJ investigating John Melloy & Steph Landsman producer CNBC

    There is enough evidence to indict CNBC Producers John Melloy and Stephanie Landsman on charges of securities fraud through market manipulation. Additionally trading on false news reports and analysis fraudulently delivered through the news media. DOJ describes these actions as , I quote "Securities Fraud and Market Manipulation to further a Monetary gain utilizing unlawful acts". They further explain that the investigation may well serve to shut down those involved and be criminally responsible.

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    • Is this what are you going to tell the judge?

      Your Honor, I bought Apple stock expecting it to go up, and it has dropped. there are only two explanations, either I was wrong or there is a conspiracy. Since I have a background in statistics and Chemical engineering, there is no way I could be wrong about anything so ,obviously, there is a conspiracy.

      These CNBC dudes have been saying that Apple stock would drop and it has. There are only two explanations, either they are part of the conspiracy or they were right. Since their being right means I was wrong, they can't possibly be right, therefore they are part of the conspiracy.

      You know, somehow I don't think the judge will take you very seriously.

      And, generally speaking, if you are so certain that Apple stock is worth more, as I am, you should relax and wait for it to happen. If you needed your trade to make money by a certain date you shouldn't have done it the first place.

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    • aragre Feb 7, 2013 4:24 AM Flag

      How can we be of help to u?

    • It will take several days till the Website is up and running. In the meantime data will continued to be collected and added to the algorithm which our organization has developed. My background in statstics and Chemical engineering design has made this task very easy from a algo perspective. Should have solid proof within 3% deviation from norm at conclusion of data input. We have "Hot-Listed" at least 17 major players so far that are on list for further investigation.

    • The most recent market manipulation was documented and included in our data is from 02/06/2013 and 02/07/2013 . In each instance a guest "analyst was given a few moments of air time to manipulate the stock of Apple Computer of Curpertino Calif. The guest speaker was asked to broadcast his analysis of this high beta stock. While he was speaking ,,the stock fluctuated with every negative word he uttered. The 02/07/2013 event was on the CNBC show "FAST MONEY" and the female so-called "Apple expert" with no credentials for voicing an expert analysis , advised that Apple Computer
      ( a current ~$450B-~$650 valuation company with ~$135B cash and no debt ) was worth $200B. At that time after hours and on the date of record for the dividend, the stock fell as she spoke. This caused panic with retail investors (relying on so-called experts) and consequentially sold after hours, and in so doing will not be entitled to the quarterly dividend. This current act of market manipulation will be strengthened tomorrow when the stock of Apple Computer trades well above this manipulated price.
      Let us be clear and succinct: WI have personally documented these events many hundreds of times over throughout the past 5 years. Documented facts of these correlations and have interviewed many people hurt by the actions of these individuals and Entities delivering less than truthful information and/or speaking as an analyst , when indeed they do not qualify.
      For the case with Apple Computer we have well respected and highly regarded Gene Munster who has a target 400%+ higher than the guest who spoke 02/06/2013 on CNBC. Gene Munster has been covering and studying Apple Computer for many years. His analysis (although sometimes untimely due to broad market anomalies) has been at worst prescient to "spot on". This display 02/06/2013 with a random guest really was quite a disgust to all who witnessed it. CNBC you do need to explain at some point.

    • I emailed this whole thread to Fast Money...hope it gives them pause.

    • I just signed this petition by Bet on America calling for Apple's Board to support an SEC investigation / a stock split and increased dividend and buy backs and other strong recommendations. Bet on America is pledging US$ 25,000 to provide legal support to any whistlelower who comes forward to support the TCR filed with the SEC. Please support it. Thanks.

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    • In a just world they should have been taken off the air years ago!.

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    • We welcome CNBC staff including but not limited ; Producers , Writers, Guest Analysts ( who seem to be equally culpable when going on air during market hours to create market swings for personal gains; this IS illegal), and least not forget CEO's coming on air with less than truthful (tongue and cheek) derisive misinformation (ie: Robert Steele of former Wachovia on CNBC friday before insolvency on following Monday stating " We are fine"). Many other examples like this have already been documented.

    • Is there anyway to send this thread to CNBC....this effects more than AAPL ?

    • Please note this is not a hoax. The information compiled from news feeds of "opinionated" nature over the past 5 years when fed through a cross analysis with tick by tick stock and their relevant derivative trades has already shown a more than relevant statistical relationship which falls well above the norm and constitutes a "possible" securities fraud infraction. The DOJ will have all this information ( which is still in the data feed and quantitative phase) made available to hem for their final consideration on charges of Securities Fraud and unlawful market manipulation for self-gain.

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