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  • aiwal1 aiwal1 Feb 7, 2013 4:21 AM Flag


    And even more, APPLE has 72% of the PROFITS IN WORLDWIDE SMARTPHONE SALES. It says SAMSUNG has 29%. Says all the other companies are LOSING MONEY OR BREAKING EVEN (HTC, MOT, RIMM, NOK...etc.). And Canacord Genuity Report predicts Apple will still have about 70% of the Profits of the worldwide smartphone market in 2013. Samsung makes less profits because it lacks the Eco-System, is only a hardward manufacturer. Samsung has no ITunes, no Apps. to sell, and also doesn't have its own stores by which Apple makes higher profit margins. Also the majority of Samsung's sales are lower priced lesser phones, it makes lower profit margins on. And Apple is #1 in USA and Japan for example in smartphone sales, vs. Samsung is #1 in India, where it must sell cheaper lower profit models. YOU CAN FIND THIS ARTICLE JUST CAME OUT ON NOK's Yahoo site.

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    • This Fortune Article, based on the Canaccord Genuity analysis, makes clear that a year from now some of the weaker smaller smartphone makers, like NOK or RIMM may no longer be in business or relevant. Because they have not been able to make any profits in this field, vs. Apple is cleaning up raking in 70% of the field's profits and 43% of the field's sales $ while only selling the higher end phones (leaving the low profits low cost end of the market to the Android Manufs. to fight it out amongst themselves, with Nokia Lumia getting 1 - 2% market share via offering Lumia phones for no money down or only $49 down payment).

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