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  • irish_bob1977 irish_bob1977 Feb 11, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    impossible stock to read

    i was going to sell this in to earnings a fortnight ago but held off , watched it plummett 11% and sold it @ $ 448 as i believed the so called experts who predicted a further fall to $300 , its back up several percentage points since then and looks to have gaine somewhat of a momentum , should i buy back in or is this the proverbial dead cat bounce ?

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    • hottopics333 Feb 11, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

      I would buy if I were you. Look at technicals. There is no doubt, AAPL recent moves is telling you something LOUD and CLEAR. BUY BUY BUY

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    • You are doing it wrong, you are supposed to buy low sell high.... I bought all the way from $575 to $450 and havent sold yet.....You seem to lack conviction, what changed in your mind from when you bought around $497 till $448? I see no reason why in time this won't be a $700 stock again, just talking its sweet time.

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    • It is a hard call as all the markets may roll over at anytime. Seems most people are optimistic about the meeting with GS.

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    • You're right, tough read. Over 13 mil shrs traded already and we seem to be holding. What Cook will say tomorrow is the big guess. Doesn't seem to frighten too many, and some believe it will upswing. Taking advice from us seems to be as good as some of the so called experts. CNBC is always negative so ignore them. Watch the volume and make your own judgement call. No one should be playing your money. I'm holding on a hope and looking for over 500 soon. Good luck.

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    • When it cleared 465, TA and momentum buyers know it will go to 540.

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      • Some expert advise.. I always believe what I actually see the stock doing.. Right now AAPL wants to go higher and it will. You can't fight the momentum. If you sold I would buy back in here and sell in the mid 500's.. I actually think AAPL might hit 600+. Lots of people still on the sideline in disbelieve and shorts are still holding and praying for momentum reversal, so the move up is yet to happen.

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