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  • justkeepushin justkeepushin Feb 11, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    You buy and hold on this news - for the loog ride up

    So, is Apple done disrupting markets? Don’t bet on it. Most likely the next market it will disrupt will be the TV market. And while we don’t know exactly what Apple’s doing, given its track record, I’m pretty sure that this product will have a dramatic and disruptive nature on the television industry when it does come out. If done in dramatic fashion, competitors may need more than two years to catch up with Apple this time.

    Another industry Apple could disrupt is the auto industry. Although cars are getting smarter, they have a lot of room for innovation around embedded screens that are now popping up in cars even in the mid-range price categories. Imagine if Apple and one or two major car makers got together to write the next chapter of intelligently connected automobiles that marry dedicated applications, an ecosystem of services, and constant Internet connections. Think what the potential impact could be on the future of road travel.

    Yet another industry Apple could disrupt is the watch industry. Many people are closely watching the Pebble Smartwatch that’s just now shipping to see if its connection to iPhones and Android phones takes off. This particular product is an interesting first step in marrying the smartphone with a watch, but it mainly relays smartphone alerts and calling info to the watch’s screen. While I really like the Pebble Smartwatch idea, what I really want is #$%$ Tracy’s watch — and I’m betting that Apple is the company that will eventually give this to us.

    Could our homes get smarter too? Of course they can. It is not a coincidence that former head of hardware at Apple, Tony Fadel, has created the Nest thermostat that is connected to the Internet and is smart enough to watch your heating and air conditioning habits, adjusting them automatically. This suggests to me that the concept of the smart home was in the works when Fadel was with Apple and that Apple has been working on this internally for some time. I am convinced that Apple will b

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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