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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Feb 13, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

    Apple Tops Japan’s Handset Market For The First Time

    Precursor for what will happen across Asia as the iPhones, including the new emerging market iPhone rollout this year.

    Apple Tops Japan’s Handset Market For The First Time, Says Counterpoint Research

    Thanks to its complicated regulatory structure and the continuing popularity of web-enabled feature phones, Japan’s mobile market is difficult for foreign companies to penetrate. But Apple has finally managed to work its way to the top, according to a report by Counterpoint Research (h/t TNW).

    Apple took a 16 percent market share in Q4 2012 and 15 percent for the full year of 2012, taking the top slot for the first time in annual terms and displacing Sharp’s six-year reign as champion. Sharp and Fujitsu each took 14 percent of the market in 2012. The research report notes that Apple had temporarily displaced Sharp in Q4 2011, but that the Japanese company climbed back to the top for the first half of 2012.

    The Cupertino-based company has been in the No. 1 spot since November, says Counterpoint Research. Other foreign brands, including Samsung and LG, also increased their shares in Q4 2012, and their combined share of the market exceeded 50 percent for the first time in Japan’s history.

    Apple’s performance is thanks in large part to telecom operators Softbank and KDDI, which both promoted the iPhone 5 as a challenge to DoCoMo, which does not yet carry the device. While DoCoMo tried to ward off competition with new smartphone models, its president has said that the company is willing to add the iPhone to its current lineup if it can reach an agreement with Apple.

    As for how Apple’s new position at the top of the pack in Japan might change the company’s cloistered mobile industry, Counterpoint Research commented that things might get downright Darwinian as foreign competitors finally begin to duke it out with local brands...

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    • This is great news. Elsewhere i've read, that even though Apple's market share is small in India, it still grew 400% over last year. And that 400% growth was all in the highest priced $850 IPHONE5. Even at $850, or $200 more than sold for in USA, the IPHONE5 is taking off in INDIA.

    • But I thought Apple was turning into a complete failure with negative growth and no more consumer interest!! How can this be in Japan!?!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is huge news, demonstrating the "aspirationa" aspect AAPL has throughout the Asian markets and feeding AAPL's ecosystem... and this is before the "emerging markets" iPhone Qualcomm has now disclosed they are making parts for -- without disclosing which customer is now making a "new energing markets phone" that requires new chips. LOL

      Blackrock, Greenliught and hundreds of other funds have gladly scooped up all the towel tossing and ill-infrmed shorting down through $600.

    • for those who missed it, AAPL IS KICKING BUTT in Japan and lil old China, even before getting the emerging market iPhone released on all three Chinese networks later this year.

      See the Bloomberg piece I posted today re aapl products also up 36% yoy in China, despite ministry calls to be restrained on retail spending, restaurants and fireworks over last week;s Chinese New Year Celebrations (the equivalent of U.S. holiday shopping period.

      How about my precursor comment for the Asia piece a week ago? Bloomberg has alrady made the point so real money managers have seen it, but will the cnbc baton twirlers post up this frontrunner to the upside surprises coming on AAPL near term? LOL

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