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  • defeatsocialism defeatsocialism Feb 15, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

    Obama is FINALLY talking about children born out of wedlock. It's about time!

    After 4 years of hearing about the "rich" and corporate America being evil and greedy - Obama has started to FINALLY talk about the true root cause of most of America's problems. 70% of black children and 30% of white children are now born out of wedlock. These kids are statistically MUCH MUCH higher to end up in poverty and dependent upon gov't welfare or in prison. Yet Obama never talks about that problem - the BIG problem!

    If you happened to be born with 2 parents, graduate from high school and college, and then worked your rear end off to move up the corporate ladder or start your own business - you are the enemy of the state in Obama's eyes. It's time for Obama to inspire the under achievers of America and applaud the those that did every thing they were suppose to do and realized the American dream.

    Romney didn't have a chance. His campaign was based on creating jobs so that Americans could EARN a living. Obama's campaign was based upon GIVING every American who voted for him a free lunch. If you vote for him, he'll give you free contraceptives, free healthcare, free food stamps, free tuition, free housing, more gov't jobs where employees work about 50% of the time yet earn more than private sector employees who work 100% of the time.

    Perhaps Obama is finally learning how to LEAD and INSPIRE!

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    • wrong board. why are you posting this stuff on the aapl stock board in yahoo finance?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • When will you:
      1. Finally talk about AAPL
      2. Finally figure out where it's appropriate to fart our political nonsense (go back to Freerepublic already)

    • If the government takes from Peter and gives to Paul, the government will always have a supporter in Paul!

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      • We now have so many "Paul's" in America that it may be too late to save the country. When an adult tries to tell Americans that there is no free lunch and they have to be accountable for themselves - he/she won't get many votes. When a man child tells every group he campaigns in front of that there is a free lunch by increasing the taxes on the producers in society, and that if you vote for him you will get free healthcare, food, shelter, disability, unemployment for 2 years, contraceptives, tuition, cell phones, etc etc etc - the children will vote for him/her. If Romney would have gotten 50% of the vote from those making less than $30,000 a year, he would have won election by 2 million votes. The lower the education and income, the higher the % of votes for Democrats. The higher the education and income, the higher the voting % for Republicans.

        Democrats know that the more people they get on welfare and dependent upon the gov't, the more votes and power they get. Pathetic!

    • go get on some political board. who cares? they don't own AAPL

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      • Your the typical moron that doesn't see the country collapsing right before your eyes. You're like a frog placed in a pan of water with the heat just turned up to high. The price of Apple stock is meaningless when the policies of Obama and his other anti-American democrats are destroying the country right before your eyes. Don't you care about any body else except yourself? Don't you have any kids or grand kids? Typical selfish moron that either doesn't vote or votes for liberals who are destroying America.

    • Liberals can NOT stand the truth.

    • defeatsocialism, you must watch FOX all the time. If you got your information elsewhere, you'd know that President Obama has numerous times talked about the family and the significance of marriage. His own father left him, and his own family is sound, so he knows whereof he speaks. It's just very sad that people like you are so lost in your alternate, probably racist, universe and just post dribble on crabby message boards.

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      • I watched the presidential debates, the campaign commercials, press coverage on both TV and radio and RARELY ever hear Obama talk about inspiring individuals to be responsible for their own lives, and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Exact opposite. He has a gov't program to take care of every problem. He knows the more people he gets dependent upon gov't, the more votes democratic party gets, and the more power he gets. Dumbing down our country one American at a time.

        As we watch our country decline and get weaker and weaker, it's hard to believe that it was only about 50 years ago when JFK, arguably the most famous democratic president stated "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

    • You get most gov't money if you have 4 kids and no dad!

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