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  • weburk weburk Feb 16, 2013 2:22 AM Flag

    weburk touching base with all you market report

    this week has been a interesting week between markets and booking killer parlay sports bets money has been nice but its only money. I wish I could post on here during the trading day but cannot but have been able to snoop around on boards. with the observations of member characters of david14 funniebucket bjjohn santacruztodd and ofcourse the infamous aea team.
    1. funniebucket. please, stop lying about your trades its silly and obvious post dated trades and calls matching aea in agreement carry no merit or have value. please, stop.
    2. david yesterday you got bbry at a phenominal price of 13.10 unfortunately you let aea's call of selling long @ 13.6 scare you out of your trade even though you claimed you were still long....not good. I wanted to scream at you to hold unfortunately I could not.
    bjjohn. I wanted to scream at you to close your SP short @ 12:15pst but couldnt. sorry, you relied on aea's call of pinning at 131.5 and with the amount of money I was seeing and witnessing starting to come in that just wasnt going to happen.
    4: aea, amazing calls 2 weeks in a row calling opex expiry at 475 last week and 460 this week, nobody saw that or could predict that, but you, good call, now dont take everyone to the cleaners next week ok?!

    listen all of you, gld is going lower.....alot lower. the market is going higher....alot higher. you may get some euro drama and us govt fiscal dram pops....short the vxx on these pops. the sp is going to 1580 without any major issues and surely will not see 1495 or lower truely #$%$ I mean beyong mind boggling belief #$%$ please do not at all be long this for any amount of time beyond 2 days. either stay away or short shares. period. do not play options either.

    good luck. take care.

    3. bjjohn

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