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  • tolllsname tolllsname Feb 18, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    Billionaire Donald Trump says America is finished

    Trump Says U.S. Losing Economic Power To China, No Longer A Rich Country
    The United States is quickly losing its economic power to China, while the country faces debt levels that “no one ever dreamt possible.”

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    • Any amount of DEBT by the US Govern. is now possible under OBAMA. Anything to keep his people getting more and more free Welfare Monies. THey are always claiming they are very proud and don't want any putdowns by middle american working people. But Obama's main supporter base, are not too proud to not take $30 - 50 thousand each female headed family in various kinds of Subsidies and welfare payments, including $5000 - $10,000 bonus checks theIRS pays them

    • He should know. Trump just sold his Trump Plaza Hotal in Atlantic City for $20 million after paying $250 million to build it. Maybe he should focus more on his company losing money than politics.

    • Who is Trump to talk..with his BK filing arsh. He has filed more bankrupts than I have fingers to count on. Has absolutely no room to talk.

    • Then, maybe HE should move to China and build a new trump Tower in Shanghai ...... he can plant his Wig on the top.


    • Maybe that buffoon will more to China and treat the Chinese to his wig everyday. They likely will run from it like godzilla!!!

    • Of course the US is losing economic power. It shifted technology to everyone else that would manufacture a product cheaper than an American would do it. This lowered American wages and buying power and moved manufacturing overseas. It is the nature of capitalism. A few exploit the world's masses and accumulate all the world's assets. Oh well. The sooner Trump is gone, the better.

    • mbasam Feb 18, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

      Trump is a moron for what he did during the presidential election. I mean he kept trying to undermine Obama by bringing up his citizenship and when that didn't work, he tried with Obama's college transcript debacle! Trump really made a fool out of himself for doing all that. So not he's obviously trying to blame Obama for the economic mess. Where was he when Bush Dubya caused the oil prices to go up, tax cuts for the wealthy and made the entire world despised us Americans? Well he didn't say much since Trump himself is the top 1% so he got his massive tax break so who cares about the defict Bush was creating then. It's all about Trump.

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