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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Feb 20, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    FOXCONN "NEWS" vs Reality

    Re today's bash re Foxconn, recall/learn that aapl has a new plant coming on line in Brazil. So aapl doesn't need to source them from China for that market.

    AAPL also has a new assembly plant coming in Austin, Tex. LOL

    Tim's comments at GS on plant scheduling and errant rumor re slowing orders advised don't listen to rumors because they have no valid premise and are most always wrong and are in that case.

    About the i5 and Ipad lines, Foxconn scheduled overtime for the Apple assembly lines making the i5 and the ipad Mini during their Chinese NY holiday last week.

    Foxconn is assembling for at least 5 other smart phone makers... is it just possible that say Galaxy 3 phone orders have been slashed since those phones are no longer selling well?

    Then, aapl is building new plants around China and Asia -- new phones new watches new pad and what else are coming? The would all speak to not hiring more staff by itself, but aapl's competitors are losing share to aapl in smartphones and pads again... so might Foxconn's assembly for orders from other manufacturers be slowing ?

    C'mon Tim, or maybe c'mon BOD if Tim is not advocating... blow these bs stories away with a heavy common dividend bump and stepping up the repurchase plan by $30B or so over the next 3 years and new product announcements already.

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