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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Feb 27, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Why are the Longs Soooooo Clueless ...??

    The Market is up,up and away - agsain today. The AAPL stock is down again.This after a stunning 30% decline. And on shareholder day. The longs are daily looking for some stock "gimmick" to boost the price. That is when they aren't playing the childish,petulant blame game. Every day - "split the stock" - "declare a dividend increase" - "fire Cook" yada,yada,yada. Apple is down on the oldest and most valid of reasons. And that is the fundamental story has changed. Deny it all you want. The facts (that nasty word again)confirm that thesis. Apple has come back to the pack. Their mystique is gone - over - yesterday's "gimmick". The competition is closing very hard now in key product areas. Phones - tablets etc. Deny tghat all you want. Per innovation which was Apple's strong vsuit? Lean oputlook on that. What,you say.Watches and T.V.'s?? Both are exceptionally low margin items. So is a "cheap" phone for the masses (in China etc.) The cult followers have learned (or have they?) a very,very expensive lesson. Some - maybe most - longs have been wiped out. Certainly the call option and equity margined crew. The AAPL longs forgot this - "Sic Gloria Transit".

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    • Longs stuck their heads in the sand like Time Cook did. They think everything Apple does is perfect and everything it did wrong was unimportant and caused by other people fault.

      Longs won't wake up until it hits $300.

      Watch and Learn

    • Yikes!! Just observe the screehing,ranting hysterics NOW!1 The are so desperate,so out of touch with any reality that is truly painful to read the gibberish. One desperate gimmick after another being pleaded for. The stock is in a technical "free fall' and has been since Septemter. Where's the bottom? Who knows. But it really looks like the 300's is in the cards. And all the silly stock split (noe debuked by Cook)- pie in the sky M&A and watches AND t.v. silliness. For now the part is over for Apple. They have a very,very difficult 12 months ahead of them. And just one more :"missed" quarter and it's definitely further stock price pain in my opinion

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