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  • richncm richncm Mar 1, 2013 9:51 PM Flag

    Apple Insanity

    At some point ( usually long after we think it is rational), the market has to come to the realization..OOOPS we have gone too far.

    I mean you think Apple has suddenly this Friday, lost all its innovative employees and they went off on some drug induced stupper and are playing flute songs in downtown San Francisco.

    Or better yet, maybe for the last 20 years, we have had some psychosis suddenly curred by the charms of Bill Gates and the geek wow factor transformed into some kind of elephant dance and techno leap in genetic innovation, that totally surprised the amateurs running apple.

    Or maybe we are waiting for the Obama solution..government built it didnt'. It is the government iPhone, or the government TV or the government iWatch we are hungry for..not the Apple innovation.

    Markets ALWAYS..ALWAYS..ALWAYS..get it wrong for a period of time, until the free market innovators tip there hand.and then then retail customers cry...'WHY DIDN'T I SEE THAT COMING'.

    I for one relish Apple at this price point. The government sequestor is the biggest con since Bernny Madoff.

    No one is going to read this one really is thinking what I am about to say
    So I don't really care. BUT it is really entertaining to put in in, Mar 1, 2012...APPLE is dirt, muddy, stinking, crapolla, in the depths of despair cheap.

    I am buying ( one will even take this seriously). If you are running some computer program that scan message for key words: SELL APPLE, SELL APPLE SELL APPLE. CRITICAL COLLAPSE, APPLE IS OVERPRICED, PANIC SELLING OF APPLE, Apple computer is in serious trouble, Apple has lost all innovation since Steve Jobs passed, the era of Apple is over, your apple computer no longer has value and is only owned by trolls from mars.

    Or maybe this Black Swan thing is real??...

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