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  • hey_rob69 hey_rob69 Mar 4, 2013 4:39 AM Flag

    Apple doesn't have as much money as you thought

    The company's latest balance sheet shows AAPL has only $16B in cash and cash equivalents. The majority of AAPL's money is tied up in short-term investments ($24B). While those investments will close in one year, the money is not as liquid as many expect and would take up to 12 months to direct to cash/cash equivalents.

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    • someone at seeking alpha posted something similar to what i wrote, can't wait for the people at CNBC to also report it. Here is waht the writer at seeking alpha posted. APPL reported $16.154 billion in cash and cash equivalents on its most recent 10-Q. This is the actual amount of cash AAPL has. This is far from the $137 billion that most media reports.

    • that balance sheet has been structured virtually the same for quarter after quarter for umpteen many years now. the guy who wrote the article acts as if he's just discovered the wheel
      they trot out these useless articles on a regular basis, waste of time

    • They have $97 billion in bonds held overseas they don't want to pay taxes on and a total $136 billion liquid.

      What was your point again?

    • sjjma Mar 4, 2013 10:52 PM Flag

      Does anyone else have any info on this? I had read that Apple already sets aside each quarter the taxes it would pay to repatriate those foreign earnings.... Apple does this but most companies do not. So Apple doesnt report as high of earnings because they hold out the cash separately for future tax payment on the foreign earnings. This is something misunderstood in my opinion. If they dont have to pay the high tax (some sort of tax holiday, ext) to repatriate some of the taxes, will have even more of a cash hoard than people think?

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