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  • xtrees xtrees Mar 4, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    Who would of thought

    Apple and Google were trading back and forth higher prices to each other only 3 months ago around 650 per share.Today Google is nearly twice as much as Apple. It's amazing investors are trading Goog this much higher with a PE that has always been higher than Apples and today approximately 200 percent higher. This market listens to analyst while not looking at balance sheets or doing some of their own due diligence. It's a wonder why the analyst over all cannot even beat the S&P but investors still listen. It's all new for lots of investors and the amount of money being taken in today from money managers is huge compared to a short time ago. I cannot allow someone to control my own actions let alone my money. It's a financially lazy market out there and MM will take money no matter what the market is doing. They are scheming a reason to capitalize on your money since your to lazy to even try to understand this market. Wake up out of the brainwashing and research for yourself and see some obvious steps that need to be done before you lose lots of money.

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