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  • alexq12789 alexq12789 Mar 6, 2013 10:16 PM Flag

    Simple Question: When is AAPL going to get to 550 again? Anyone?

    All this negativity is really dashing my hopes it's going to recover.

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    • The first thing you have to do is quit playing to get even. Look at what you have in your account. This is where you are. If you did not own AAPL right now, would you buy it? If not, sell it and find something better, or simply wait until something better comes along.
      At this time AAPL is trending down. Even if you think it will come back, why not get out now and buy it back. Come to terms with the fact that you will not get it at the exact bottom. After it hits bottom and starts coming back up, you will have ample time to make a lot of money. ust not now.

    • Next year....take the 2.5% divvie and try to ignore short term price action. At this point selling would be bailing at the bottom. The sentiment is so negative now they can surprise to the upside more easily. They will do something to juice the PPS when they are are ready.

    • They recover to above $600 as soon as they raise the dividend, imho - and they will more than double the dividend.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hope will recover in 2nd qtr.
      But with this stupid management an BOD will be very hard.
      Reminds me of AOL years ago when they were on top
      and in 1 year they lost more than 80%,a lot of similarities with AAPL now

    • frn89yggo Mar 7, 2013 12:07 AM Flag

      That's why they call us losers, sucker. I'll let you off the hook and add @$400 but that offer expires Friday.

    • It still has years to fall. You won't see valuations like that again ever. Sorry.

    • I really hate to say this but it may never recover. Fundamentails dont matter anymore. Apple could make double the money it did last year and the stock would continue to tumble... meanwhile stocks like amazon will keep going straight up while losing money. Amazon actually LOST money a few months ago in a earnings release yet the stock shot straight up about 10-15 percent in 1 day. Meanwhile.. apple is making money hand over fist yet the stock continues to go down each day for no reason

      Money in the bank doesnt matter apparently.. which is odd because the point of a company is to make as much money as possible... apple is making boadloads of money.

      That being said.. it may never recover. Im hoping maybe we see 600 by the end of the year but im not gonna get my hopes up. The media and the hedge funds and the analysts all want apple to go down so they can profit on this downturn. When they decide to stop being short and/or decide to buy in then it will start to go up again.. I just cannot believe apple is less then a p/e of 10 and still dropping what in the hell.

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