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  • buylow40 buylow40 Mar 7, 2013 5:50 AM Flag

    Survey found 1 in 5 Samsung purchases trade back to iPhone.

    You may like it and think its cool at first, but the reality is that after you use it for a little while, you realize iOS is 10x's better. That explains the rotation.

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    • The Home Depot changed over 10,000 units to iPhones. Real news - check it. AAPL is king!
      They are also about to announce an event next week.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have been using the Galaxy S3 for 4 months now and I truly dislike this phone. My reasons are well know but So called the AAPL haters do not want to accept these facts. Just read it and maybe it will save you money that overly hyped S3 is truly not an Iphone equal or better. Good luck with your investments.

      The volume button is at the opposite side of the on/off button - you will constantly shut off the phone while adjusting the volume. It is a big problem especially in the middle of the phone conversation.

      The undo button is live when you're using the phone especially with the camera - your slightest touch will kick you out of the mode you're in. Especially if you are trying to catch a special moment. Extremely frustrating.

      Again the hidden settings button is live when the phone is on and your finger will touch this one constantly and the Setting will pop over what you're doing.

      Because of it's size, one hand hold and text is impossible - you must use both hands at any given time.

      The colors and and the tones are extremely saturated - not natural like the iphone - so your red and blue tones will look completely unrealistic. If you like taking pictures like I do you'll not like the camera.

      The menu button is made so cheaply that it gets stuck inside the housing. It's a cheaply made plastic phone to be honest. Fits and Finishes are just okay.

      CNBC application is a TOTAL JOKE. Ask the ones who use it. It's a hateful app and CNBC does not even care to make it better.

      Most of the apps are WATERED DOWN apps with no ease of use like the Iphone. App store is a complete joke.

      Another joke is the Music Store - ask the ones who use. That is an android problem for all android phones anyways.

      Galaxy S3 is a total hype and nothing special. I am going back to iphone as well. ATT has a flip phone program to do just that.

    • fu_guy Mar 7, 2013 5:51 AM Flag

      "think it's cool"......ok Gomer.

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