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  • apdamic apdamic Mar 14, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Cook will ruin Samsung's launch tomight with a press release.

    Just like last year, first we get the press release AH's that a press conference would be held pre-market the following morning. Last year it was when the company announced the 3-year 45 billion dividend and buyback program.

    The company has repeatedly stated they made 23 billion in cash just last quarter and are going to return more cash to investors. Wouldn't it be appropriate to coincide this year's dividend and buyback increase with Samsung's new launch?

    Stayed tune AH's because management seems to be fighting back and they may very well release the news tonight that a press conference will occur pre-market tomorrow.

    We all know it's coming soon!

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    • Don't get too upset when it doesn't happen.

      The stage is being set for some sort of strategy move.

    • Samsung is like the Hyundai, Apple like Lexus. There will always be a group that likes the Hyundai.

    • scjohnson4047 Mar 14, 2013 1:34 PM Flag

      He is not a marketer nor a good CEO. He wont do anything but I am afraid becuase he has nothing to announce. Might be ok, when he speaks the market reacts and tanks the stock.

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      • Hopefully he's waiting for the perfect scenario!
        The company has repeatedly stated they would return more cash to us. They also kept referencing the fact that a majority of the extra cash is overseas. I can't find the link right now, but they did state that 15-20 billion has been repatriated and hopefully that's coming to us soon!

    • That would be nice, but I think if there is to be an announcement, he's more likely to wait until the Galaxy launch and see how the market reacts. Remember that AAPL moves on emotion right now and announcements for the last 6 months have been more negatively met than in the past. I think the launch will move AAPL PPS based on the reaction to Galaxy (either up or down) and an announcement later as a positive event may be more effective than one as a counter that might be seen as a weakness. Having said that, I hoped they would announce something (anything) 2 weeks ago.

    • He's still spending the $45 bil to buyback shares. Why would he announce another buyback on top of the existing one. On the other hand the $45 bil buyback doesn't help much does it?

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      • If you break down the numbers of the 3-year 45 billion plan, roughly 15 billion is dedicated for share buybacks with the remaining 30 billion allocated towards the quarterly dividends.

        On 2/7/13, the company announced that as of 2/15, they would have spent 10 billion of the original plan established last year. 7.5 billion of that 10 billion went to fund the (3) quarterly dividends, leaving only 1.5 billion used for share buybacks.

        That of course was as of 2/15/13, so hopefully more funds have been used for share buybacks since that press release on 2/7/13. Additionally, the company stated that they made 23 billion in cash just last quarter and would be returning even more cash to shareholders. That means in addition to the original program announced last March on 3/19/12.

        I would suspect they'd increase the original 45 billion program to at least 60 billion with much more allocated towards share buybacks this time, with a modest increase to the current dividend.

        Everyone wants a 1-time special dividend, but I'm hoping the company increases the current dividend because it would pay off more over the long-term and is sustainable with the company's cash flow. Who knows, maybe we get both!

    • he's too gay to do that...unless he grows a pair

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • You sound like a long, so why now? The company never came out and defended itselve like it did last evening, so this could very well be in the cards.

        Hopefully management is tired of the Samsung commercials that slap us everytime we launch and this would be a very appropriate time for the announcement.

        We know it will happen before the 3/23 qute period and last year it occurred on 3/19, so why not right now?

        It's about time this company fights back!

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