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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Mar 16, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

    A quote from Tim Cook months ago

    " Dont bet against APPLE" This quote has stuck in my mind while losing a great deal of my investment, on paper, in APPLE. I believe that Tim Cook, just like Steve, has his heart and soul in Apple. Want's nothing but the best for the company. He was at Steves side when he passed away and I wouldn't be surprised if Steve made Tim to promise him to continue with great innovation with the company for the forseable future.
    Like so many other investors who believe in AAPL, I have slowly been buying a few shares to add to my holdings during it's decent. I guess we call that averaging down.

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    • Stuck with me too. The fact that he doesn't say much is strong point. When he does say something it's worth listening too - and for me trusting. The man is more important than useless, revealing messages.
      Actions louder than words - adages are so often on the money.
      There's not a person on this board that can shine his shoes - but they just know sooooo much

    • Did you hear what Warren Buffet said about Apple. So long Apple focuses on building a great company the stock will do alright. What he has seen so far shows that they should be able to do it. Let us see what Apple stock price will be in five years, not five days.

    • The question is quite simple and the answers are right in front of him

      does he have the balls to get it done

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      • I truly think he has the balls to get it done. Just like Steve did for years. Keep the market guessing. Keep your cards close to your chest. Don't ever give information that will prop up your stock. Just give the world what they didn't think they needed and eventually they all wanted.
        Build on that.
        Keep your developers in a top secret enclosure to avoid any early release of special products or enhancments to APPLE products. This has always been Jobs way of doing business.
        The hell with the stock market. If you innovate the market will follow. If not you will lose to the competitors.

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