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  • baker_dart baker_dart Mar 21, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Ok this is now obscene!!!!!!! What is taking Tim Cook so long on the DIVI and Buyback announcement?

    This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with this management and BOD?

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    • don't count on a div or buyback...but the stock does seem to be gaining traction here

    • Huh? There won't be a dividend or buyback. That is why it is taking so long. It will take forever. Cook and his board do not care about nameless and faceless shareholders. What do they have to gain by giving their cash hoard away to people they do not know, will never meet and don't care about?

      Keep the money in the company. Use it for a rainy day when cash starts to burn. Keep it for massive bonuses and to provide a cash floor for the stock. If the stock hits cash per share of around 140/share they can just triple or quadruple their own stock grants to make up for the fall. As long as the cash is there for THEM it is all good.

      How did I deal with this? Sold during the conference call. They said they were not doing anything with the cash then. Same line as in other calls and analyst meetings. Don't get impatient waiting for something that will never happen.

    • I agree. With all the big money he is being paid Cook had better have something GREAT to announce, and real soon too, or he is finished. I'm a long-time long and have a lot of patience, but it's wearing thin. Steve Jobs would never stand by silently while his company was getting bashed left and right. It's time for Tim to start acting as if HE were the founder of Apple. That's something we could forgive him for.

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    • My guess is they don't want to reward short-term speculators just buying for the pop on the announcement. They're also probably buying at these levels to get a better price before the stock goes higher. That being said, because of the fact that he's made statements indicating they will do something--it means they will. Just on their own terms and timeframe--not yours.

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