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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Mar 22, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

    It's so funny how retail investors try to make negative or positive comments on stocks

    The real manipulators of any given stock is the billionares and the ETF's.
    Case in point: one billionare sold hundreds of thousands of Aapl stock in the last qtr. of 2012.
    He lost faith and moved it to other investments. Result was a big continuous drop in AAPL.
    A number of ETF'S did the same thing.
    Moving between AAPL and GOOG has been a great trade.
    The bottom line is we have no control of any stock compared to the big guys making hundreds of millions of trades on any stock.
    They control Wall street.
    They make millions on any particular stock. Going up or down.
    So the bottom line is to invest in what you believe in and do DD.
    My simple opinion is that AAPL is still a great stock.
    But going forward to earnings I may be right or wrong.
    I'll take that chance.

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    • Warren Buffet said if he had smaller money to work with$(500,000) he could make 50%/year. Size carries with it it's own problems. Try unwinding a 300,000 share trade without moving the market. I really don't have trouble unloading 500 shares of AAPL.
      On a percentage basis I'll take my history over any hedge fund managers. Half of them don't keep up with the S&P, before they take out their fees and percentages. But on a total dollar amount they do mop up, the London Whale notwithstanding.

    • you are so smart, and we are so dumb; please please give us more of your wonderful wisdom!!!!!! lol lol

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