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  • rimmdiva rimmdiva Mar 28, 2013 2:00 PM Flag

    Cook is doing a great job...working on the IPhone-6 and other great devices.

    Only a moron would stay short this stock.

    By Mark Knapp | More Articles
    March 28, 2013
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    A new Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) patent shows a smartphone-like device that is quite different from those of today, as the screen cannot exactly be described as flat.

    The patent, which was filed for in 2011, described a device similar to an iPhone, but instead of being rectangular and brick-like, the visual shows that the sides actually rounded so that the front simply curves around to the back and vice versa. The tops and bottoms still remain flat.

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    The reason for the rounded sides is that the device will sport a flexible AMOLED display, which can be folded up, inserted into the chassis, and then unfold so that it wraps around from the front to the back and around to the front again. This design would give the device a seamless display.

    Since our eyes can only see something from one direction at a time without awkwardly using a mirror, the display on the device would use facial recognition and tracking to determine on which side the display is needed. Also, a layering of the screens could be used to create a 3-dimensional effect.

    Considering the similarities between the device described in the patent and the current iPhone, it seems possible that this concept could potentially be the next model of iPhone. With advanced screen technology and the potential to fit within Apple’s aesthetic values, this could be the shape of the iPhone 6…

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