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  • ggray1956 ggray1956 Apr 5, 2013 7:41 AM Flag

    Estmated bottom?

    Prior to correction?...After correction?

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    • Come on men...What do the technicals say is the base. I have heard from $381 to $425? We are already at 9x earnings. Its hard to see it much below $425, especially with all that cash. If they wanted to create a massive short squeeze, AAPL could do it at any time with 80 billion in cash. Even if there charged in with only 10 billion(I know they are worried about tax), but the squeeze would push it past $500. Then you could keep it there by doing the same thing again. After the 2nd or 3rd time, distructive shorts would not get near this stock because they would be to busy licking there wounds...Good Luck Everyone!!!

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      • I think a 50% retreachment of the 700 high is in the cards. Earnings season will be a big downer
        as will be the next few jobs reports. The tail risk is coming back big time. Margins will have to
        come down esp now that carriers are moving away from sub-ing phones.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • levinstein Apr 5, 2013 8:00 AM Flag

        Duh, they don't have $80 bil in cash. The most they have in US is $40 bil and keep in mind they already have a buyback in place and pay $10 bil per year in dividends.
        On the other hand 9 PE for a gadget company that has NOTHING new on the pipeline is way to high. Think BBRY at 4 PE or JBL at 7 PE. Btw, JBL has double aapl's growth.
        On the other hand there were tons of stocks in 2000 trading below their cash value. Yes, I know, aapl is special.

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