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    We are morally obligated to scrutinize theJews--------Paul grubach


    Let us examine different aspects of Jewish social and political influence upon the American scene.

    Since Jews vote in disproportionately high numbers (unlike other ethnic groups, which are usually underrepresented at the polls), the Jewish vote is a significant factor in many elections. According to the author of Jews and American Politics, Stephen D. Isaacs, the Jewish vote is " . . . certainly enough to be decisive in a close election, and even more influential considering that these votes tend to be cast as a bloc and are clustered in big electoral-vote states." [5] Thus, Jewish voting power cannot be viewed merely as individual Jews exercising power individually. Rather, the Jewish vote is a type of political power which Jews exercise as a group. [6]

    2. Jews are 21/2 to 3 times as likely to be found in Congress than are non-Jews, in proportion to their numbers in the general population. [7] Eight members of the Senate and thirty members of the House are Jewish. [8] Regarding Jewish influence in the halls of Congress and the government bureaucracy, Jewish political commentator Wolf Blitzer wrote:

    Whether in the Pentagon, the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, the White House, the National Security Councit the Justice Department, the FBI or the Congress, there is no shortage of Jews working in very senior and extremely sensitive positions. [9]

    3. Approximately 50 percent of monetary contributions to the Democratic Party come from the Jewish community. [10] There is an intimate connection between economic contributions to a political party and the overall policies which that party will espouse. The Jewish contributions to the Democratic Party are large enough to enable immense Jewish influence over a mainstay of the American political system. In the words of one Democratic strategist, "You can't hope to go anywhere in national politics, if you're a Democrat, without Jewish money." [11]

    4. The Left has exerted a significant influence upon American society as a whole culturally as well as politically, and Jews have always been a major force on the Left. [12] According to a major study of the left, "From its inception, Americans of Jewish background played a key role in the Communist Party." [13] Of the New Left of the 1960s, the same authors point out that American Jews " . . . provided a majority of its most active members and perhaps even a larger proportion of its top leadership." [14] Jewish intellectuals Erich and Rael Jean Isaac were much more blunt "The students [of the New Left student movement] were mostly Jews." [15]

    5. The mid-1970s saw the emergence of a"neo-conservative" movement, the political impact of which, on Democrats as well as Republicans, has been profound. Jews played - and continue to play - a central role in "neo-conservatism." [16]

    6. The Israel lobby is a powerful outgrowth of the American Jewish community. Its political and social power, its ability to influence American foreign policy vis-a-vis the Middle East, have been amply documented elsewhere.[17] Bernard Gwertzman, writing in the pro-Zionist New York Times, admits:

    I don't think there is really any doubt that Israel has the most efficient, most influential domestic lobby in this country. The Reagan Administration, for instance, never makes any move in the Middle East without consulting with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the chief pro-Israeli lobby, and many senators and congressmen routinely look to that group for guidance on Middle East issues. [18]

    7. Organized crime has made an undoubted impact on the social and economic history of the United States. According to The Jewish Almanac, in reference to Jewish gangsters, "It would not be an exaggeration to say that their influence

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