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  • joemattamjr joemattamjr Apr 12, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    Apple long here

    But this stock is ridiculous. Its wiped out about 70% of my money since september and they are all realized losses. Im down to just enough to a few shares including some on margin. Now im back in after selling at 517 at all stupid prices. I have to be honest, i have lost faith in apple. Not that the company isnt great and the products arent spectacular- but because there hasnt been one thing said to help the stock. I know CEO' sarent supposed o come out and address this always- jobs prob woulnt have- but this guy needs to forge hsi own path and not think like steve cause it isnt working for him. Im about to sell everything i THINK - i just dont know how it can go up over the summer let alone after earning. They say sell in may and go away- this time im thinking of listening- what do you gusy think? By the way- i dont care if ur long or short or if u think im dumb (which for the money i lost, i surely am) - just put the reasons on here u think it will go up or down. This isnt trading on fundamentals.

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    • Rest of the market is up - apple is way down- doesnt even show the abilty to keep ANY gains- im bleeding slowly. Thanks apple- you have literally ruined my life - for the time being

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      • It's matter of timing. I'm sorry for you. I just loaded more and more. Not daytrading or weektrading... i'll keep them coz i believe apple is a good company.

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      • people make decisions with their money
        stocks go up and down
        the consequences of these decisions make people`s lives better or worse financially
        these people are responsible for their own decisions
        but most of these people only want to take responsibility for their decisions when their stock goes up
        otherwise, they want to see themselves as innocent victims of a rigged system out to get them personally
        stock goes up, decision maker is a wise hero
        stock goes gown, decision maker is an innocent victim
        if you would have shorted AAPL you would be thanking AAPL for saving your life
        but then you would have had to make a different decision

    • Listen... this stock will double... of course they must spend money to produce the new iPhone right? So the stock has reduced by price because of their investments on FOXCONN and also because they are starting a new factory in brazil. Do not worry, there will be huge news, one is: it will be cheaper to sell all over latin america also. Stay tuned, big big news.

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    • the brand is severely damaged by what's occurred over the past 6 months. unless they have a miracle up their sleeve i do not think this will see $500 any time soon. and cook has never surprised to the upside so i just don't see it happening.

    • I'm buying in much more at current levels. This is not to say that the stock could not go down more... it will be range bound until earnings, and earnings is anyone's guess. If guidance is terrible, we are in the upper 300s, if its mediocre.. about here... BUT should any surprise come up in the coming quarters.. this is primed for a breakout. The market is very much an expectations game, and currently expectations are low for apple (and for the right reasons). Currently, Apple is priced that it will never expand earnings-- this may turn out to be true. But should apple ever grow earnings, this stock becomes immediately undervalued at current levels. Do you think over the next year or two Apple will grow earnings? If not, then the bears are right and its priced correctly. But playing the odds, considering no matter what people say-- Apple still has a rock solid balance sheet, a history of innovation, ect.. Im willing to wage that a surprise will arise within the next year or two.

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