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  • idcca102 idcca102 Apr 17, 2013 4:22 PM Flag


    due to slowing earnings.

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    • What are you talking about? Even if Cookie doesn't release a single other product and growth slows to just 5% per year, the forward P/E is still under 12. That's a steal!

      And what are the odds they won't release a cheaper iPhone which will increase revs and earnings considerably and a new iPhone 5S WHICH WILL spike earnings for another 6 months and then an iWatch, an iTV, and who knows what else. Apple is a total steal at $400. Now if they can just find a decent CEO, cause Cookie has had 18 months and the guy is a total no-show.

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    • Don't know where you get your inside information but Apple will have to suffer substantial earning losses for the rest of the year to make that happen.

    • Do you really expect Apple to have no earnings for the next three quarters? The earnings from Q1 alone give Apple a PE of 29 for the year.

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      • I bet you 10k aapl doesnt make over $16 a share during calendar January- through September 2013. Who knows this holiday qtr. No one knows if a new product will come, but if the 5s is the iphone for Christmas earnings will be below $8 for the holiday qtr... So aapl will make $24/share during calendar 2013. They should be trading below $300 right now.

    • Amateurs assume aapl is cheap here. Not so. Aapl should make around $20 a share over the next 4 qtrs. Just think, 1.5 years more of the already poorly selling iphone5. Things could get ugly here, i'm talking $200 a share ugly. You may laugh but let's wait and see. I think everyone agrres earnings will be plummeting until something new arrives, and that may be another 2 years. No reason to own here. Short with impunity!!

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      • Dude, are you am imbecile? You're saying apple is gonna make less than $7 per quarter? You must not understand basic math. You must no be able to read recent articles which say the iPhone 5 is selling BETTER THAN THE iPhone 4S did last year and the 4S is outselling the S3.

        That means its impossible for apple to make anything less than $10 for Q2 which is also the slowest seasonal quarter which means its impossible for apple to make less than $40 for the year and that's with no cheap iphone and no new products which means Apple is trading at sub 10 p/e. you really can't be this stupid, its just not possible. Cookie is destroying apple but even an full-on idiot like him can't destroy the best company and best product line in just 18 months.

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      • Apple's assets alone warrant a share price of $200+. Fundamentally, the company is solid however momentum and unrealistic expectations are against them.

      • Gee, it sound like your a bit of a liar.

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