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  • hirtuism hirtuism Apr 18, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    tim cook defenders

    Your forgetting that this is a publicly traded company, this fall is solely on his watch. This has gone on too far, he is responsible to the stockholders. If he and the bod jerkoffs dont want to abide by the rules, take this company private...

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    • Agreed. The damage is done.
      What could have TC done to prevent the reality of today?
      1) Complete his promise - Announce a buyback at these historic low prices. It would show that he is investment savvy and recognizes (and endorses) a good deal when he sees one. The Warren Buffett rule.
      2) complete his promise with the dividend program.(give some candy to WS)
      3) Rollout the damn Apple TV! Jeezz...they have been talking about in for two years!!! (Get noticed again as far as innovation and brand superiority. Alas...all these opportunities lost- and the PPS keeps going down.
      Any wonder?

    • That's a great idea! They could take out a loan to go private, and pay it back out of cash flow over 7.5 years even if there is zero growth despite future deals with China Mobile and NoCoMo. All the while keeping their $150 billion cash hoard on hand for a rainy day!

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