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  • reservoir1999 reservoir1999 Apr 23, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    People on this board should listen to the conference call.


    Cook is doing all the wrong things in the hope that people will buy the stock: they will sell this down to at least the mid 300's. He is giving the cash to shareholders and that will bring the stock down proportionately. He is buying back the stock instead of investing in product: that will bring the stock down. The CFO admits growth is slowing: that will bring the stock down. This was a horrible report and their next one will be worse. The magic is gone from this company and it is now just another company with loads of pretty decent competitors and that will bring the stock down, too.

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    • Google did the same thing , contracted earnings for 12mo, stock leveled at 200. except they never returned $$$ to shareholders---most of their shareholders hate money-----Apple 2 qtrs of adjustment-----believe cook, there's some surprises---

    • He's not doing the wrong thing. You have a horizon of seconds. Listen carefully, 'we are willing to trade short term profit for the long long term'. Now is the the short term, it's saying new products ARE DEFINITELY coming. New product don't just pop up every two months. Just look at the timeline between iPod to iPhone to iPad. Apple does not make #$%$ products. It never did.

    • mydogbarkley Apr 23, 2013 6:21 PM Flag

      You made a poor investment and rather than take responsibility, you look to blame someone else. Admit it, you are a fool.

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      • cook did the right things - buy back your shares and increase the dividend (appealing to value investors), that is not in any way hampering their ability to introduce new products or expand. bottom line, they beat on revenues and had were at the low end of guidance on margins. but with the trashing apple's stock has been taking until now, this should be viewed as a BUYING opportunity to get into the company. by the time they introduce their surprise new products, the stock will have gained from here and your upside will be less. if i was cook, i would realize that they need to introduce new phones across the spectrum of price points, from lower-end to upper-end. it is the apple ecosystem that makes them special, so they should provide entry points at more price points.

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