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  • profiteer profiteer Apr 24, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    So Apple couldn’t find anything better to do with 100 billion dollars but to buy back stock and pay a dividend?

    Hopefully many of you are looking beyond this and seeing it for what it really means; Apple has lost its ability to innovate.

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    • and profiteer you are this great sear a guru of this age and you have the ability to innovate and bring forth new ideas while aapl is twidling with it's thumb and flying a kite. Nonsense and just go away.

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    • Probably do not need 150 billion to innovate. Apple can innovate on much less. How much did it cost in total to innovate ipad AND iphone combined? Less than 20B in R&D total. Less than 10B perhaps. They made so much money they have the big problem of not being able to spend it all on acquisitions or on innovation. They can acquire and innovate and still have so much cash thrown off they just keep growing the cash pile.

      Good problem to have. People are confused with a stocks trading based on technicals and sentiment versus what a company may actually do in the future. Look at Netflix at 60 a couple months ago. Now well over 200. That was a round trip btw from 200 to 60 and over 200 again. Apple once dove from 200 plus to 80 and back to 700. Sentiment and technicals can push a stock everywhere. Too far down now but both these can take it further.

      Watch out once it changes though. Irrationality can come with speed on the upside as well

    • They are going to issue debt to buyback shares and give cash to shareholders. They will still have their warchest to use for other purposes e.g. acquisitions, R&D

    • No products unveiled in the you have 2 ears? Then listen to the CC and stop blowing smoke you degenerate

    • That's right. My shares are oh so more valuable. The match shows my shares worth $140.82 just from that action.

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    • scropos21 Apr 24, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

      You do realize that *after* they spend this 100 billion in 3 years that they'll have MORE cash on hand than they do now, right??? They have plenty of money for innovation.

    • seriouslynot Apr 24, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

      $100 Billion is nothing for Apple, they will make more

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      • Not to mention almost EVERY AAPL long has been calling for Apple to distribute some of this cash to the shareholder and show confidence in the company by purchasing stock. It amazes me how stupid some people are who make claims that make no sense whatsoever.....Makes you realize why most typical mom and pop investors lose money becasue they don't have a clue. MOST OF THEM ARE TROLLING THIS YAHOO MBs

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