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  • berkeley91 berkeley91 May 15, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    If you're having supply chain problems, and have $150 billion in cash...

    Why not buy the companies that make the products you need? For example, Sharp makes displays for Apple and others. If they can't keep up with demand, buy the company and screw your rivals. With Apple's money, they should be able to get anything they want when they want it. Buy what you need to keep the products on schedule.

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    • An article earlier today said Apple's cash hoard is greater than the market caps of 482 companies in the S&P 500. It could buy most any company it wants to buy... but still Apple gets little respect. Did you see that clown on CNBC earlier saying Apple is going to $240 per share? The guy is an idiot... maybe he was talking about Apple's cash going to $240 per share.

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      • I think that $240 goon was an idiot too. However AAPL gets little respect for its cash hoard because it's not how much CASH you have it's what you DO with it. For the longest time we've been hanging on the coat tails of that cash hoard, but when it came to the realization that AAPL was going to do NOTHING with it, that didn't stop the slide that began for us at around the $700 mark. If you don't have plans for that cash, the only value it gives to me is to know that you can stave off bankruptcy. BFD to that.

      • If Apple doesn't do something to stop this bleeding, he might be right. Who, other than people like him, would have ever believed that Apple could fall to this level after posting such a profitable quarter? This company is trading on emotion, bad press and rumors. This policy of not responding is killing this stock. I believe that Apple has great new products coming, but the bears are absolutely in control right now.

    • Because then you lose the benefits of outsourcing all your manufacturing.

    • great point. CRUS business is 85% aapl. they make money and have a lot of cash. they didn't hold up supply chain but it still seems like a no brainer. but you're right ... displays seem to be the key

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