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  • berkeley91 berkeley91 May 15, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Evolutionary vs revolutionary products

    I can't see the logic behind Apple's strategy. It's beginning to look like they are the arrogant company many accuse them of being. Their product strategy seems to be to put out evolutionary products and give incremental improvements and technological advancements. That would work if you were doing this on a short schedule, and other companies like Samsung were doing the same. But other companies are upgrading on a much faster pace than Apple and making Apple look like it's lost it's innovation edge. I'm starting to move toward the group of people who feel Tim Cook has got to go. Apple is losing it's edge. He's talking about new products in the fall. We need something now.

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    • Almost all products are evolutionary not revolutionary.
      Smart phones existed before the iPhone, even touch screens ones
      MP3 players existed before the iPod, even ones with wheels on the front
      Tablets and slates existed before the iPad, the iPad is really just a jumbo iPhone you can't make a call on.

    • Problem is They talk about Great things that never come! Itv? How many years will it take to get here? I will be dead waiting for it! Iwatch? why bother saying anything? only say something when it is ready to go! China Mobile...been hearing this for 3 years now! Great Things coming...It is like Waiting for Gadot! Well we are still waiting Timmy!!!!! Why bother telling the market about anything? So Timmy basically saying see you late 2013...that is when Apple stock might go up. So who is the Guy with the silly sideshow?

      Now Cook and Crooks manipulate stock to go down for Apple to buy cheaper shares back.....Goldman and crew.....making Nice for buy cheaper.....sux for faithful holders...great for Goldman shorting the heck out of Apple......

      Apple will go day...perhaps but most likely not till fall 2013

    • To support your point. At my last visit to an Apple store I enquired why they would not consider a larger screen. The response was that Apple has too much training into the existing format, parts, repairs et..that would be disrupted by a new form factor which would take too much time and money to train. The arrogant rep also told me most customers are too dumb to realize how to use all the real features of the iPhone , and ones that want to watch videos, should buy another phone. Can't make that stuff up.

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